Note your delivery

​아래 내용을 제공해 주셔야 통관이 진행됩니다. 꼭 입력해주셔야 합니다. 

[We don't have a service to put together in one box in our office after you send it to us.] 

In case of 2 tracking number you can use "/ " for each. 

 ex) 066-6666-6666      /      077-7777-7777 


Quantity and Value are mandatory. 

We are not responsible for food spoilage under any circumstances, including delays in customs clearance.

No! Kimchi, Jeotggal(salted fish or shrimp), Perfume, Battery!!  

Prohibited item:  Perfume, battery, salted fish and shrimp, kimchi, medicine, cash, passport, stamp, tobacco, inflammable things etc.. 

Item, quantity, value must be correct. 

We are not responsible for any processing and cost incurred due to inaccurate information. 

​You have to write any price for the used items.

목요일까지 한국사무실 도착 물품은 다음주 목요일 오후 4:30pm~5:00pm 도착해 

​정리 후 금요일 12:00 pm 전후로 입력해주신 받는분 연락처로  문자 발송됩니다.