Note your delivery

***** Caution !!!!!!!!***********
We don't have a service to put together in one box in our office after you send it to us.
2. Kimchi, Jotggal(Salted fish or shrimp), Perfume, Medicine like cold medicine and digestive medicine are prohibited. 

3. A bigger one between volume weight and  actual weight is applied.  You should check Q&A to know what 'volume weight' is.  About volume weight   click  >>  

Please, fill in the blanks below. 

If you have transferred two boxes, you should apply for each one. 

Recipient name (English or Korean).


No! Kimchi, Jeotggal(salted fish or shrimp), Perfume, Battery!!  

Prohibited item:  Perfume, battery, salted fish and shrimp, kimchi, medicine, cash, passport, stamp, tobacco, inflammable things etc.. 

Item, quantity, value must be correct. 

We are not responsible for any processing and cost incurred due to inaccurate information. 

​You have to write any price for the used items.

We are not responsible for food spoilage under any circumstances, including delays in customs clearance.

Deadline : Thursday 5:00 pm to Korean office 
Departure from Seoul : Friday, Saturday Flight 

Arrival at Auckland : next Thursday 4:30 pm~5:00 pm 

* The box including food can be delayed from one day to three weeks. 

Check up  & List up : ~ Friday 12:00 pm 

Message : Friday 12:00 pm (Recipient you entered

Hand over: Anytime after the message 9am-5pm