Q & A (한국 TO NZ)

  1. How much is shipment fee?


The number of the flights was reduced after Covid 19.  The price changes depending on the situation.  You should check the price when you deliver. As we are mentioning on the homepage the price goes with the size weight. (W * L * H *167=Weight) Please, consider it and make the parcel as small as possible you can. That is the best way to save the cost. 

 2. How long will it take to arrive?


We are gathering until Thursday and ship it on Friday. Then it will arrive to our office in New Zealand either next Wednesday or Thursday.  You should send it to our office until Thursday to get it earlier. Arrival to office on Thursday > Depart to New Zealand on Friday. It will take 7 days for former to get it. It will take 14 days for latter to receive it. 

 3. What does volume weight means?


Flight transportation uses space in the airplane. So, if the size to big comparing to actual weight the price goes with the size wight. Below is the way to get the weight from the size. 

Formula :  W * L * H *167=Weight     

ex) W/L/H ( 30/30/30 ) = 0.3*0.3*0.3*167= 4.5kg 이 됩니다.  

The larger of the volume or weight will be applied. 

 4. Can you helm me to pack or boxing?


We are not helping boxing or packing in Korea branch. You should pack it yourself before you send it to us. 

 5. Can we send Kimchi or other food?


Kimchi can damage to another items critically around your things. 

 6. If you have any questions? Don't hesitate click the 'Kakao' button below.